Electrical Systems, Infrastructure Electrical Requirements, Building Management System, Mumbai, India

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Consultancy Services provided for

» Fire Protection Systems
  Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.
  Fire Suppression Systems.
  Flow Calculations through hydraulic Software.
  Seismic design and calculation as per FM & NFPA For fire piping.
» Automated Security Systems
  CCTV System
  Access Control System
»  Building Management System
»  Public Address Systems
»  HVAC Systems
  Air Conditioning System (Cooling / Heating / Humidity Control)
  Ventilation System (Natural / Powered / Combination).
  Staircase Pressurization.
  Basement Ventilation Systems.
  Clean Rooms.
  Operation Theaters
»  Electrical Systems for
  Infrastructure Electrical Requirements
             •  Sub-Station
             •  Captive Power Generation
             •  Street Lighting
  HT / LT Cabling
  HT / LT Power Distribution
  Functional & Mood Lighting and Control
  Public Address / Audio Visual System
  Security & Access System
  Building Management System
  Fire Alarm System
  Tele-Communication & Net Work System
  Telecommunication and Networking Systems.
  Building Management Systems.
»  Plumbing Health Engineering
  General Internal & External Plumbing
  Infrastructure / Public Utilities
  STP / UG Tank / OH Tank System
  Swimming Pools & Water supply for Landscaping
»  Green Building Technologies
  Rain Water Harvesting.
  Solar Water Heating Systems.
»  Education and Training
Technical Training on use of Flow Calculation Software.
»  Fire, Safety and Utility Service Audits
  Audits reviewing the current state of system with respect to the Original Installation and the Statutory Certificates (No-Objection-Certificates)     received for the Project.
  Revival of the System Status with respect to the Current Changes in Statutes and standards and suggesting modifications as required.
»  Maintenance Management
  Our Services on Maintenance Management includes the following:
  Enabling client to develop Maintenance Plans.
  Execute the Maintenance Plans.
  Replace products on their lifetime completion for optimum performance.
  Track Maintenance Vendor Performance.
  Optimize spare storage by developing “Just-In-Time” Logic
  Review the Current Operation and Maintenance Manuals and As-Built Drawings and update the     same
  Integrate the Services provided by multiple vendors on a project.
  Suggesting to client on loading of updated Systems Software
 Our Clients
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